How Our Mission Started






The Hernando County SPCA            

9075 Grant Street
Brooksville, Florida 34613
Phone: (352) 596-7000
Fax (352) 596-7977


Our History

Joyce Hudson and others were appalled by the lack of humane treatment afforded to many of the animals in Hernando County. Joyce’s efforts and persistence resulted in her becoming the head of the county Animal Control Services Department. After a while, Joyce left that post and with others, founded a corporation named the Animal Advisory Board. They operated out of various homes and garages. In 1984, the corporate name was changed to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Joyce relocated and others, such as Rosalie Fredericks, carried on.

There was going to be a shelter through many small fundraisers and a number of people concerned about the plight of the animals in our county, providing for them in their estate planning. One individual won the lottery and donated a sizeable sum to the organization. Land was purchased and the building started. This building would be used to house the animals, provide care for them, and to adopt out the animals. June 1995 was the grand opening of the shelter.


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