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Black_puppyTons of New and Specially Designed Accents to make the shelter. more like home for the animals


Cooper is adorable Inside & Out!
Cooper is adorable Inside & Out!

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We are on a mission to transform the shelter!

All of the cats and dogs that we care for deserve to live in a warm and loving setting. A place that makes them feel safe and free of despair . It is our ongoing mission to improve the conditions our sheltered animals experience.                                                              wp_ss_20151120_0008

ASK your Adoption Counselor about our   30 Day GIFT of INSURANCE    for all new adoptions!

 We Invite you to Visit the Animals and help us Give them the Love and Attention they so Deserve !

The environment that the animals are housed is a calm and quiet setting. We strive to keep the stress levels as low as possible inside the shelter.  Music or Movies being played on the TVs  are on a low volume, PLEASE Keep your voices at a LOW volume at all times while visiting.

We ask that anyone who wants to socialize and play with the cats and dogs to visit from 2 – 4  in the afternoon.  MUST BE 18 yrs or older. CHILDREN Must be accompanied by an Adult. Parents are expected to supervise child at all times. Unruly children will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave if you are unable to control your child

WP_20151126_10_24_06_Pro                                                   Water  Gardens are being added to the living areas!                                                                                         

We have added TV and Music throughout the shelter.WP_20151119_15_41_45_Pro

Many of the cats use the water garden as their water bowl!  Others just relax on the side, under the plants, listening to the tranquil sound of trickling waterfalls.


We are always interested in small pieces of furniture to include in the living areas. If you would like to Donate Please Contact Us.  Currently accepting working TVs and VCRs/DVD Players to add to our housing areas.


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