Meet Mr. Kingsley BeanZ

img_20160829_093234Mr. Beanz is a wonderful little guy!  He has went through quite a struggle to get to us. On a VERY hot morning this past July, we arrived to the shelter to find this little sweetheart. He was scared to death. Placed in a tote on a couple of fleece blankets, Kingsley was left with no water or food.


His story is a sad but hopeful one. Over the past several weeks he has become very comfortable and content. He has been learning the routine at the shelter quite well!

Both of his back legs are paralyzed and his cute little tail has been broken. The last 4 vertebrae are fused together from injuries he sustained some time ago. He will always have special needs for the rest of his life. It was a true blessing he ended up here with us! I might add that everyone here at the SPCA  feels truly blessed to have him!

We got him a really great wheelchair to help him stay off of his feet. snapchat-45018346728629141When he arrived  his paws were worn down to the bones in several places. He has no feeling in them… he just kept on trucking tthout realizing what was happening to his paws! Kingsley has to have his paws cleaned and treated twice a day to avoid a potential infection. He requires antibiotics as well as prescription topical cream. Wound supplies such as, non-stick gauze pads, medical tape, athletic rolls and antiseptic wound spray. The costs of his supplies are significant, as he will require these items for some time. We would appreciate any support you are able to provide for him.


img_20160829_133741Support us by helping finance Mr. Beanz care. snapchat-7940047604474510



 If you are interested in sponsoring Mr. BeanZ

Print a pledge form available via the tab above. Send your sign up form along with your check to

9075 Grant Street  Brooksville, FL. 34613
or call in your contribution  Wednesday to Friday from 11-3 and put it on your credit/debit card. Any amount is a great help for our cause!